Sunday, November 12, 2017

Single woman living in Off Grid Tiny House - Safety and Security considerations

Since some of my most frequently asked questions relate to safety, security, being afraid, and living in a pretty rural and remote area, I decided to do a video addressing all those things. 

And just in case you haven't seen them before, here's some more shots of the awesome, and potentially dangerous neighbors I have. :)

Just some of the tracks that I can find outside my house. Having fresh snow on the ground is a bit like  having a trail camera since I can see what came by when I wasn't looking!


  1. Wonderful video. You answered all my many questions, you definitely have everything covered!
    Lovely neighbours!

  2. You have lived there through 3 rough years, we are sure "you got this." You live in the most picturesque neighborhood. Healthy respect for nature, thats so smart. TYFS.