Thursday, November 16, 2017

Tiny House Daily Chores

So far the start to winter has been starting if fits and spurts. Snow one day and rain the next. Then snow again. Normally by this time, it's more consistently cold. But the kind of crummy weather has given me a chance to work on things like expanding the amount of info I have on video. 

I'm planning to try to cover all my various household appliances and what works well for my tiny house situation.

And some of the regular household chores. Which are generally lesser when you have a smaller house. 

I'm loving being able to start off cold mornings with no rush and a nice mug of tea. With no rushing off to a pre 5 am job. :)

After looking at things the size of elk and moose regularly, I'm not normally very impressed when I see a white tail deer. But this pair of boys came by the other evening. And that one fellow has a long tined 10 point rack. Maybe one of the largest white tails I've ever seen.

And I continue to be visited by smaller critters regularly, which I very much enjoy! I hope you are all having a lovely night as well.


  1. Hello Ariel! I came to this blog from your youtube information part.
    You're having a dreamy lifestyle and It's really adorable! and so do you.
    What kind of a camera you are using? I don't think all these amazing pictures came out just from nice camera, but i just wanna know! and how many books do you have in Fy Nyth?
    I question this cause I really love books and I always wanna have more.

    1. Thank you! I shoot with a Canon 80D, usually with a Canon 100-400mm lens for most wildlife photos. And with a Sony RX100 ii as my little camera/second camera backup.