Friday, January 12, 2018

4 Different Winters

This is the 4th January I've lived here in my tiny house. And all of them have been different. I thought you all might enjoy some comparison photos. The first year, and now this year have been less snowy than average. In between, one year was pretty average, and last year was way above average. 

My first January is above. When I was still parked just downhill from my current location and before I stained Fy Nyth grey to better blend into the woods where I live. 

My second January when the winter was pretty average for here. 

Then there was last January. The year when Wyoming received more snow than any winter since recording started! 

And then we have this January. With it's way below average snowfall. I guess that's how you get averages! How average is your winter so far?


  1. We usually get a lot of rain on the Oregon coast. This year has been drier than normal. When we first moved here 25 years ago, a fella told me "enjoy the two seasons we get here, winter and August!" He was right.

  2. All of them look too cold for me. Of course, it's too cold for me right here at the moment, too! ;-)

  3. 50 degree temps with barely a flake here in Denver.

  4. Hei Roger here:) First i have to say sorry for my bad english writing . im from norway ,so im mutch better speaking. il do my werry best...Average. What can i say. im 47 yers now , and when i look back in time here on the northwest coast .. strong vinthers in the late 70s and begining of 80s . at that time snow came in november and stay to april normaly . many old people talking about the winther in 68/69 that was a extreme one .. 400 cm or 13 fet .. whis place is just 1 houre drive from Trollstigen and Geiranger with Dalsnibba(1500m) so ruff winters is average , when you clime up to 400 m over the ocean and more.. somthing has wappend since the old time. Late winthers. January-April and less snow.. Skisenter are struggeling.. This winter is like in the good old days :)

  5. Ariel,
    Love your blog. Thanks for the regular updates and great photos.

  6. Hi Ariel,
    Thank you for the wonderful blog and for some great ideas!
    Herein Connecticut we’ve only had two snowfalls; one was 2-3 inches and last weeks was 12 inches. Our weather is erratic, but we are 5 miles from the water and the maritime effect keeps things more temperate. That being said last week we hit -8F the coldest temperature in my lifetime.
    Stay warm and dry,

  7. Hello Ariel,
    I enjoyed seeing these pictures and the contrast. How did you get to your propane tanks last year? You probably had to tunnel over to them. Thank God for your wood supply and stove. My thoughts and prayers are with you for a safe and happy winter.

  8. Thank you for the update Ariel, I am beginning my journey and all the information you have shared has been a blessing to me.

  9. Fabulous channel - love your videos and blog. You never know what winter will bring. Thought of you when I saw a gardener from New Jersey that grows fabulous fruit tress by keeping them in large pots. He has a way to move them to a sheltered area for the winter. Check it out, maybe you could start them at your current location and move them when you do:

  10. Is your tiny house designed so that mice can't come in through the wheel wells?

  11. Bore da o Gymru! I found your blog because of the name... Here on the very westernmost tip of North Wales we rarely have snow but today has been the second snowy day this winter. We get strong winds though and the north wind is currently hurling sleet and rain at the kitchen windows...

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