Saturday, March 10, 2018

How I get around - Amazing Van/Camper/Everyday Rig & Pygmy Owl

I love night time at my house. The peace and quiet, and how bright it is when there's snow on the ground. Since a bunch of people have asked about this, I did a video on my transportation. How I get around in the wintery conditions, carry the things I need, and stay safe.

I really do like my little quirky old van.

A couple days after seeing and photographing my first ever Pine Grosbeaks, I spotted another little bird I'd never seen before!

Aren't pygmy owls just the cutest little owl ever?

I loved getting to watch this little feather ball for an afternoon and was hoping he'd stick around. But I have not seen him since, so maybe he's already moved on.

Grizzly and I have continued to enjoy spending time outside in the snow.

And the full moon through some light snow haze was still brilliant through the tree branches. It's almost daylight bright at night when there's a full moon and snow on the ground!

I am fortunate to see bald eagles most days, but getting to see one this close who cooperates long enough for me to get a photo, is much more rare.

And I've continued to see a lot of beautiful healthy looking bighorns this winter. Like this male and female pair in the beautiful soft snow filtered light. 

I know it's spring for many of you, but for those who don't have warm temps yet either, I hope you are enjoying the snow as much as I do!


  1. The closest we have to pygmies are screech owls and saw-whet owls.

  2. Your photography belongs in National Geographic.
    Thanks for your posts.

  3. I prefer to read also. I love tiny house videos but many are far too long and could be strategically edited. Anything over 5 or 6 minutes is far too long. Yet one routinely sees 20+ minute videos - just ridiculous length. If it's not the bible then summarize and provide text within the frames for detail.

  4. Really enjoyed the view and insights to living. I love every aspect of your home. Usually something I'd do different but yours is great. It also very easing on the eyes.

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