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  1. I have just found your sight love all the information. you are a blessing to many people by sharing so much information. My daughter inlaw and son are also learning a lot with their tiny home. She sent me your sight so I can read all the information and enjoy your life as you live in an awesome cute tiny home. We wish you lots of fun. And thanks for sharing. Kathy

  2. Hello! I am really enjoying all of the information you have provided here with regards to tiny house living. My partner and I are currently starting our own build here in Ontario. I am just curious about your oven/range. You had provided links to the one you currently have and the one you would have preferred. I am just wondering if you had to do much modification in terms of making it propane ready. When I follow the link to amazon it appears that it is a natural gas even/range.


  3. Dear Ariel, thank you for providing me with so much useful and fun information. I am retired, live with my wife in the Jura mountains of Switzerland. I would like to know what camera equipment you use to make your posts. Also, should you ever come to Switzerland, I would be very happy to host you in our all wood house, heated with wood only, designed by me. Thanks for your reply. All the best, Pitt

  4. Enjoy watching and learning from your blog! Your photos are awesome too.

    FYI: Saw a sponsored site on fb that looks like a pic of your tiny house. Thought I would let you know in case they used it without permission.

  5. I just found your blog this week and I haven't been able to stop watching ! I am a 53 year old single mother and when my last kiddo leaves the nest I can see myself enjoying the same lifestyle. What I most enjoy are your videos in the kitchen, the little yellow flower cookies you made was my favorite (i can't remember the name of them at this typing moment because of
    thats brain fade due to hormones, hahahahah making a laughing point here, anyway you are beautiful resourceful and courageous goddess and I will be following your progress and adventureous lifestyle! sincerest of Blessings

  6. Hi, I'm sure you get this often. Can we go on a date, please?

  7. So how are things going in your N. Wyoming tiny house these days?

    You've done an amazing job with your house and minimalist carbon footprint! Very smart to not allow yourself to become a slave to a US bank.....vulture bankers are always our friends until we actually need them and then they pick us alpart. So living debt free is a very smart objective (spent a career in Finance and the 1st think we did was to become debt free).

    Knowing the dangers of the extended fire season in the west including the Jackson area and the obvious risk of living in the woods, what is your escape plan (your tiny house structure) in the event you get hit with a wildfire?

  8. Very interesting lifestyle, Ariel. I visited your site to get some pointers on space utilization and appliances. We are doing something similar to your adventure but we are on the water. We moved onto a 48 ft boat in June and have been busy remodeling her ever since. The big difference I see is that we don't use propane except for the little gas grille we have mounted on the rail on the bow of the boat. We utilize a big generator and batteries for power because we haven't made the jump to solar yet. Check out our boat and the remodeling progress at

  9. Hello Ariel,

    Just made it to your blogspot after watching one of your videos on youtube last night and we
    are very jealous of you and your simple lifestyle. We are struggling to make ends meet with both of us working and trying to raise two beautiful daughters, ages 12 and 7.
    We have talked about doing something similar here locally in South Dakota, but it seems overwhelming raising kids at the same time. We would love to visit and meet you, as we have never been to Wyoming before. Can you show us around?

  10. Just "came across" your site.


    Well done !! You go girl !!

    Best wishes,

    Michael Douglas

  11. Hi,
    I somehow stumbled upon your You Tube clip with the tiny house tour. Was a pretty good video and great job with the place inside and out. Have thought about purchasing a tiny house in the past, much easier decision now that I've downsized so much. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Hello,
    Love you videos, Very Interested in that lifestyle. Where did you purchase your Tiny House?
    Keep warm


  13. Ariel...My recommendation is you live your life your way...debt free whenever possible...I was a person who had a dream job in the entertainment field ..I had everything that anyone might think would make you happy I had 2 helicopters , 3 motorcycles, sports cars and plenty of money world travel in exotic locations...turns out I was extremely unhappy along the way ..with mountains of debt and now resulting health problems relating to all the stress that, that life style brings is what you make it, a simple debt free life is a wonderful way to spend your life..we will always have stress but being debt free eliminates one huge go for do what makes YOU happy

  14. Hi there, just wanted to let you know this website is using an image from your blog:

    They used several of mine as well, without permission, so I thought I'd let you know just in case!


  15. Looking thro" again and again I Should say what a fantastic idea having storage under the " stairs" and as for your bed room I think I'd never want to get up!
    I'm going to come back to your page as often as I can.
    Bye Cariad. xx

  16. Hi, I really look forward to your videos. I've tried some of your recipes (especially the Lemony Lentil soup) and it was a hit with my friends. What do you do for Burly as flea and tick prevention? Is Lyme disease a concern where you are?