Tiny Lessons

Here's the posts about some of the lessons I've learned from living in a tiny house and being totally off grid in a cold northern climate. I hope some of them are helpful so you don't have to do things the hard way like I did in several cases!


  1. Enjoying your video blogging from the UK I am hoping you will write a book or two.

  2. I stumbled across your Youtube video showing your house, looks great! I really fancy living off grid although it isn't that easy here in the UK.

  3. Great video!
    May I ask what the deal is with the land? IE- do you rent it?

    1. Thanks! See this video for details on the land where I'm parked. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1TCq7J4o4Uw

  4. Saw the video, love it!!! I've lived in an RV in Afton, full hook-ups, and interested in off-grid living. Moved back to Oregon to be closer to family though. Although you probably solved it already, what helps in the pantry is a battery operated closet light. Using a velcro hanging strip, it can be used as a flashlight in each of the shelves, or turned on on the back of the pantry door. You could probably fit it between your spice racks. It's a cheap fix. Although lots of times the velcro doesn't hold very well and the light falls onto the floor. But you get the idea. Love your video <3

  5. Looks likes great fun. Beautiful scenery to photograph and live. Was wondering how you plow your way in and out? I know in the UP in Michigan there are road graders, huge snowblowers sometimes using multiple dump trucks and ways most probably haven't seen before. How do they out there? Thanks for sharing!