Saturday, November 29, 2014

Second lesson learned...

Learning lots of things here. First, there is now running hot and cold water in my house. That was just waiting on the power being on around the clock so no pipes could freeze. Anyway, after having the whole house run successfully off the battery bank for the last day, we filled up the water tank, ran the antifreeze out of the lines, filled the hot water heater, and everything works.

 What I learned was, when you start your water pump for the first time, check all your faucets first and be sure they are in the off position. What did I do? Umm... not that. First I turned on the sink, waiting to turn on the shower as I had it stacked full of stuff just to get it out of the way since I'm not done unpacking. So as everything starts running and all the air bubbles leave the kitchen sink, I went back outside to take a look at our setup for pouring water from jugs into the house inside the tank. After a minute, it occurred to me that I could hear the water pump still running. And that seemed odd because it's only supposed to run when a faucet is on. And I had turned the sink off. Remember that I said I had the shower stacked full of stuff? And apparently in the process of pilling all that stuff in there, I'd accidentally turned the shower to on. When I was inside and waiting for the bubbles to leave the kitchen sink, I didn't notice because there was still air in that line. But while outside, the water worked the whole way through and I returned to find water running all over the floor and heading into the kitchen. Now my shower drain seems to work just fine. Unless I've piled my shower full of stuff up to the shower head...

What was stacked in my shower? Oh just all my hanging clothes (dresses, skirts, shirts), all my towels and washcloths, and a few other things that don't soak up water so easily. So now my whole house is filled with things hanging up to dry. I planned to have space to hang my laundry, but I did not plan to ever wash all of my clothing at the same time! So I tried to spread everything out as much as possible, and hopefully it will all be dry in the morning. Oh well, there are worse things than spilled water, but I'd still have preferred not to have to clean that all up. One more lesson learned, and hopefully I'll never do that again.


  1. At least you do not have to run a humidifer in the house due to dry heat.

  2. I am very interested to see how the humidity works out in a space this small. Our climate is pretty dry and the propane heater seems dry as well. However I do cook a lot and this puts a lot of humidity into the air. Right now I do have some condensation around the bottoms of the windows. Of course it did rain today and a simmered a pot of soup for a while on top of my shower water episode. So maybe if all those things don't happen at the same time, it won't normally be an issue. I guess I'll find out!

  3. Laughter. In appreciation of your sharing.