Saturday, July 29, 2017


Summer is a busy time for me. With working a lot of extra shifts to cover for some coworkers, gardening, and all my other odds and ends of jobs being at their busiest, it's hard to keep you all updated! But summers here are beautiful! 

The garden is looking good. I got an updated video tour done. 

*Sorry about the very loud construction noise especially at the start. It is annoying in person while a neighbor re-builds his lane, but the camera makes it sound even louder. Sadly though, it's going on all day, every day, all summer, so it's hard to pick a good time to shoot a video. I can't wait for them to be done!*

I'm getting lots of fresh veggies out of the garden and even made a little time one evening to go pick wild currents growing near my house. 

There are both red and gold currents growing here.

Due to the high volume of stems and pulp, I decided to run all the currents through my Victorio strainer. The mixture of red and gold berries produced a brilliant orange pulpy juice with a bit of a unique citrus flavor. It made a delicious smoothy with coconut milk! And all the seeds and stems on the right just went back into the compost.

And one evening I had my good friend Beth over for a dinner and spent some time relaxing by the firepit.

Otherwise, it's just fun to work in the garden. Pulling a few weeds, harvesting veggies, and watching everything grow. 

And eating the harvest of course!

The flowers are also looking beautiful.

One of the things that kept me busy for a few weeks was helping with the haying operation near my house.

And then a few more shots of the local wildlife. Almost all from right near my house since I've not had time to drive any further away looking for some of the bigger creatures.

Let me know what you are eating from your gardens if you have one!

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Garden & Thunder/Hailstorm Videos

Above is a night time shot of a little northern lights show that appeared over my tiny house a couple weeks ago!

After being way too busy with gardening, work, and the general rush that our very short summer brings, a very rainy day forced me inside and gave me some time to catch up on some computer work. So here's two different videos from one day at my house. 

Showing how things are doing in the garden in the morning.

And then just one of the many big storms that rolled over my house later that day.

There's a couple new wildlife videos up on my youtube channel as well if you enjoy watching those too. And a few new wildlife shots just because I love them. :)