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Where else can you find me and my house other than on this blog, my Youtube channel (, and MeWe ( where the social media activity happens?

On podcasts, in videos, at meetings, in magazines, at conferences, etc. All articles listed here were written or compiled by others, and some do contain a few inaccuracies about me and my life as sometimes I had no control over what was actually published. Though overall, they are pretty good.

And if you are a podcaster, channel, or anyone else interested in chatting, I generally love to talk about my life here in a tiny house and share any information or inspiration I can, so please get in touch!

On The Tiny House Lifestyle Podcast -

On the Homesteady Podcast -

On The Survival Podcast -

On "The Tiny House Podcast" -

In person at the Homesteading Life Conference, Summer of 2018 -

On Ethan Waldman's Tiny House Podcast -

On the Rotary eClub of Silicon Valley -
The original Tiny House Magazine, where I and my house show up in multiple issues -

In the "Living Large in Our Little House" book -

On Two Family Homestead's live guest show -

Featured twice on Tiny House Swoon 

In Tiny House Expedition's wonderful tour of my home -

On an Off Grid in Belgium blog -

On The Tiny House Blog -

On a directory of other Tiny House resources -

In person at the National Tiny House Jamboree for two years -

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