Monday, January 27, 2020

Tiny House Cooking - Instant "Cheesecake"

Most dessert type foods I can easily pass on. Cakes? Most are dry and I don't enjoy them. Cookies? Eh, if they are really fresh and soft, but otherwise not my thing. Doughnuts? Unless it's within about 10 seconds of coming out of someone's skillet after being home made, don't even really like them. And so on. But I have a serious weakness for anything made with cream cheese. Anything. Like right down to eating a block of plain cream cheese. I really really like the stuff!

 If I'm ever out for dinner with a friend, I'll most likely pass on any dessert offered. Unless the waiter mentions cheesecake. Then I will almost always have a piece. And of course I can bake my own cheesecake. I've made a wide variety over the years and enjoyed every one. One of the best I ever had was a 8 inch high pistachio cheesecake made for me by a good friend as a birthday gift. Truly amazing! But... I don't do this much as my body doesn't seem to digest dairy well. As much as I enjoy the stuff, I avoid consuming it most of the time.

 Occasionally though, I just really crave the rich creamy taste. And if you ever feel the same, here's how I get that cheesecake like fix, in less then a minute, without having a whole cheesecake

Monday, January 20, 2020

Best Snowshoe for Deep Powder, New vs. Old Snowshoes

As I mentioned in one of the last posts, we've been doing a lot of snowshoeing recently. And as discussed, I have found modern style snowshoes to be pretty ineffective for actually moving through deep snow. I've pondered for several years if I needed a new-to-me pair of snowshoes and if so, what would best fit my needs. I have found over time, this is a good process to work through to be sure I am going to acquire an item I actually need or want and know I will use for sure. I don't have time or space in my life for things that don't fit that description, so I don't want to waste any money or energy on any of the trillions of items in the world that I do not need or want and know I will use for sure. 

 So, when I'm thinking through something I might want, unless it's something I already had that is totally worn out, broken, and unrepairable, and needs replacing with the same item, this is what I usually do. Think about, do I need this? Almost always the answer is

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Another Big Nighttime Visitor

A couple mornings ago, when Burley and I woke up and first went outside, I saw new tracks in the snow. One advantage of getting more snow almost every day, is the ability to easily pick out and follow fresh tracks. Burley has a pretty huge foot print for a barely 50 pound dog. Much larger than many dogs his size, and this serves him well for living in deep snow country as those big feet act a bit like snowshoes. But at first glance I knew these tracks were not Burley's. They were two to three times larger than his feet. My first thought was that our resident mountain lion had visited again. But a second glance let me know that they were not cat tracks. Just like a house cat, mountain lions can retract their claws, so their paw prints just have a pad and toes, no nail print visible. Each of these tracks I was looking at had a very clear nail print at

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Snowshoeing with Burley

With lots (more than 11 feet in the mountains above me since January first alone!) of snow, Burley and I have been enjoying quite a few snowshoes through the woods. I love being able to float over the deep snow, the quiet of the winter woods, and

Friday, January 3, 2020

Winter Squash

Some of the many squash I helped grow and harvest at a previous job in a different and much warmer location!

 Winter squash (the hard, sometimes oddly shaped and colored ones, not things like zucchini which are summer squash) are a great way to get lots of vitamins, minerals and fiber, among other thing, into your diet in the winter. Check out or other sources if you want to see a list of all the vitamins and minerals they contain. They also store very well, so are a great winter food. I would love to grow and store my own as they are pretty easy to grow. If you have a warm enough climate. Most varieties take a 100 day plus frost free growing season and here we're lucky to have 50 days without snow. Usually with multiple frosts in that period. But wether you can grow your own or buy them, one of the best things about squash is how easy they are

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

2019 Highlights

Sometimes on new years day, I want to tell people, "you know, a new year starts for you each day you wake up still alive." Do something with it. Don't wait for some random day on a calendar to make resolutions and do new things. If it's something you want to or know you need to do, start right now. Whatever day on a calendar that is. 

That said, it is nice to look back through what happened in the last while every now and then. So here's some highlights