Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Tiny House Cooking - Apple Crisp

Hello folks. I have finally completed another Tiny House Cooking video! A simple dessert, apple crisp. Or actually apple cranberry crisp as this one is.

Please pardon the second camera shots not being centered well. I'm still figuring out the best setup to record things like this. Believe me, I can make a dozen meals in the time it takes to record, edit, and upload one video like this! :)

Enjoy! And don't be scared of cooking. In a tiny house or otherwise.

And just a few more shots of some of the amazing critters around here for fun.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Fy Nyth Through the Seasons

The snow is going! As you can see above, my yard is finally almost bare as of yesterday afternoon. The spots where it's been bare for a few days are even looking pretty green! 

As I've watched how rapidly the weather can change around here, I thought that would be fun to see kind of a time lapse of the seasons changing around my house. So I've compiled a little video of the two and a half years of weather as it comes and goes and changes over and around my home.

Enjoy whatever weather you have around your home today!

This shot was just one day before the first photo in this post. A few warm days make a big difference!

And a few of the little things I've seen around my house in the past couple days. I have lots of squirrels and chipmunks. 

I saw the first dandelion blooming yesterday too!

I'm seeing butterflies pretty regularly too. Can you find the one camouflaged in this photo?

Lastly, a grouse that was pecking quietly around the brush. I love these little peaceful birds.

Enjoy whatever weather you have around your home today!