Friday, May 8, 2015

Little Green Things

My friend who helped me create my garden told me after all that work, now I'd better get some little green things growing, in nice strait rows. So I did. Below you can see how bright everything has been getting as we've had moisture and warmth. Those little leaves popped out almost overnight. There have been quite a few thunderstorms over the past week and one beautiful piece of a rainbow that I saw out across the valley.

The early morning light coming in my windows also lit up the new leaves right outside. And I got come bright little flowers planted around my front door at least.

And some neat and strait rows of little green things now exist in the garden. There will be lots more as more seeds get planted and start to pop out of the ground. For now though, these should provide me some early red and golden beets, garlic, onions, chard, cabbage, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, and broccoli. If they don't freeze or get eaten by something anyway...

And here all my little babies are tucked into bed for the night. Which was a good thing since after weeks of warmth and sun, the morning following planting, it snowed. Yeah, big white flakes were coming down. They didn't stay on the ground at my house, but just up the hill they did as you can see below. For now everything's made it, but maybe I'll loose all my early plants one of these days. And these are the joys of trying to garden in a short seasoned zone 3 area.


  1. i hope you have some serious fencing plans, otherwise the deer and elk will finish your garden in an instant. Usually it's not worth putting in a garden until you have fencing and irrigation in place.

  2. Are you pumping water from your creek to irrigate your garden?

    Michelle in Michigan

    1. Yes. But we've had such a wet year I have done very little watering. And I'm working on deep mulching my garden with hay, so hopefully I will never have to water much.