Saturday, July 4, 2015

Nightfall and Skies over Fy Nyth

Here's a few recent shots of my place at night. And some of the impressive thunderheads that rolled through the other evening.

The last sunlight streaming through the trees to the west.

Though you can hardly see it, that is an owl sitting on the tip of the branch with the big dipper in the background. It was pitch dark when I took this.

My inviting little porch.

The hay moon rising over the mountains.

My yard at night when the little solar motion detector lights kick on.


Another full moon shot. I wish I could have made it look as large as it did to me in real life!

And one last shot of sun rays.


  1. Oh so very peaceful and beautiful. Thank you for some photo zen. Cheers, Ardith

  2. I'm so glad you post pictures - it keeps my focus on having my own tiny house. - Jan

  3. You confirmed by your blog a crazy idea i have been thinking for a long time: building my own tiny house on our family my email would luv to chat more about it:

  4. I completely understand your comment about the moon. Sometimes I picture can never come close to the beauty of a full moon! Love your photos!