Friday, August 14, 2015

1st Tiny House Jamboree - Houses!

And now a post with a bunch of shots of some of the houses at the Jamboree! I did not have time to get good shots of every single one, not to mention that it's hard to take a good photo when there's always 20 other people in the house at the same time, as was the case for much of the event. But here's what I got, and in general, these are the ones I liked the most or found the most interesting.

This is the first tiny house. At least of this version of living in tiny houses. I do realize many people all over the world have and do live in small spaces. But I mean here and now in America. Jay Shafer built this house and lived in it for 5 years. And founded (they built my house!) and now has

Though it was smaller than I'd prefer to live in, it was amazing to see how well laid out everything was and what a beautiful small space it is!

Then we had tiny coffee shops.

Tiny chapels.

And partially framed timber homes.

Big family houses for sale.

This one had a big couch and pretty nice kitchen.

A large bathroom and two large bedroom lofts.

Even a catwalk from the stairs to the kids end of the loft! Sorry all, I don't have a link to this house for more info.

Then we had this one which hopefully will eventually visit me here in my home! Christian and Alexis from are a lot of fun and I'm glad I was able to spend some time with them. I also really like their wall art below.

And I loved their creative shoe storage idea! It holds even more than my shoe hooks do.

And here's their kitchen and living room. Laid out much like my own home, but smaller.

They also have really creative stairs. That little dark slot is actually a step that pulls out when they need it.

This is one of the homes that was present and on display. I really like a lot of the interior on theirs, but the outside does look a little bit like a big box. Maybe it's just a little too modern for me, but I guess I prefer the more cottagey or cabiny look myself. Very nice work on all the their stuff though.

Everything is very roomy inside and I love the contrast of the dark wood and white.

The kitchen has a full sized oven and stove and a large sink, though I like mine with the built in drain board a little better.

With those amenities and standard plumbing in the bathroom, this place would feel much more like a "normal" house to many I think. But would also be harder to take of grid in a location like mine.

There were many creative stair designs on display and I liked theirs a lot.

I liked the little reading nook in their other model as well, though it made the home feel narrower.

This one had a large bathroom.

And again, spacious lofts and kitchen.

With another similar staircase.

Here's one from Tiny Street Of Dreams -

It was one of the few I've ever seen other than mine that had a double sink in a tiny house. And I love my double sink by the way!

The bathroom was a very nautical theme, and quite roomy. I really liked their storage bin shelf/wall that let you access those bins from either side.

It had a huge mirror, and and interesting double loft setup where the lofts were not at opposite ends. I couldn't figure out how to get a photo really showing this, but it was unique.

Here we had one of my two favorites. Built by On the outside, all the little windows were not my favorite look but I liked the roof layout pretty well.

Inside was very roomy, and yes, it's another one with wood and white. This is for sure my favorite color scheme and why I want to eventually get my walls painted white.

Their stairs may be my favorite I've seen. All the smaller steps near the top have drawers, and all the lower ones are cupboards. It's a ton of storage right there and the steps themselves are like walking up any normal staircase.

This kitchen was pretty roomy with lots of storage as well, though I wonder if that post could have been somewhere else like up against the wall. It seemed a bit in the way in that particular location.

And their bathroom! This is exactly the kind of tub I would like if I ever put a tub in my house. Just a nice deeb soaking tub, but has a shower too. I do love to sit in a hot bath for an hour or so, especially in the winter, and read, watch a movie, or just relax. 

My other favorite. Byron and Dot built this one at They are an amazing couple and I was glad I got to spend some time hanging out with them. Hopefully they make it here to visit sometime soon as well!

Both this and the last one by Chattanooga Tiny House had some features that made me jealous! Maybe I'll just sell mine and build a whole new one from scratch, this time with every feature I want and know I'd use now that I've live in mine for a year? No Ariel, you won't. Yours is just fine and you don't need to spend any more money. Ok, fine. Moving on. ;) 

They also had a SolMan setup to power the house. I've always like their system and only went dyi to save some money. Otherwise that's what I would have bought.

Another very roomy interior and large couch, with lots of storage underneath.

And another tub! I think I like the deeper soaking style tubs better still, but this isn't bad.

Very nice and bright kitchen.

Overall, the same layout as my house, just more roomy since they built out over the wheel wells. It's really amazing that an extra foot of space inside makes the house feel about twice as big!

The loft felt huge with the extra foot of width as well.

And they had another full sized stair case that I really liked.

Tumbleweed,, had two models there. They are the folks who built my house and I have to say, both the quality of the work, and the customer service since have been great. Also, they now offer most of the options that I have mentioned being jealous of in other houses such as building over the wheel wells. 

The Mica is their more modern style single floor (no loft) version. It's nice, but I'm not a big modern fan and life my lofts personally. But I think for some, this would be perfect.

The bed/couch was comfy and had plenty of storage underneath.

The kitchen was small but cheery and would be perfect if you don't cook or bake a ton. Many people don't.

Overall, a very pleasant little place.

Their other model looks almost like mine on the outside.

The inside was so crammed with people it was really hard to get any photos. It has a downstairs bedroom beside the bathroom. And then an L shaped kitchen which I like.

The loft is more open than mine since it doesn't have the wall/cupboards blocking it off.

Sprout,, also had two models on display. 

They were both roomy, bright, and tasteful. 

Nice stairs (not all the drawers were in) and a nice but very small kitchen.

And a roomy bathroom with a very nice little sink that I liked a lot.

We also had tiny stages present, three of them actually.

Another house I don't have much other info on though I think it's for sale. It is unique looking thanks to the butterfly roof, and certainly the only one I've seen with a chicken coop attached!

Their kitchen was simple and bright. and the stairs were unique as well.

Overall, it was a ton of fun just to see how everyone arranged things and all the little nifty ideas different people came up with. I wish there had been an event like this that I could have attended before building my house. Just for all the inspiration. I'm certainly hoping to attend next years if there is one!


  1. Thanks for sharing your experience and photos, Ariel. It's fascinating to see how much these homes have evolved since 1999. And it sounds like a great community of tiny home owners. Glad you enjoyed yourself so much. Cheers, Ardith

  2. Thanks for posting! Love all the photo's and links!
    Cheers, Carolina

  3. Hello Ariel,
    I thank you for all you have given to us. You are an open book as far as what works for you. I have a question. What is the width of your stairs into your loft. They look to be like 16-18 inches
    Thanks again

    1. You are welcome. The stair steps are 16''. With the handrail/trim they measure 19''.