Thursday, August 27, 2015

Mama Moose with Twins!

This family has been spending time around my house recently. They all look healthy and ready for winter. Both babies are still trying to nurse, but mama seems to be getting fed up with that. Especially when they both go for a drink at the same time.  I'm not sure how long they will stay here, but I am enjoying them while they are! 

I was able to get photos a few times, but didn't want to get close and freak mama out. And a couple video clips of them browsing on willows and of the babies trying to nurse. They are kinda cute gangly big critters!


  1. How absolutely precious! What a treat for you and for us, your readers. There's a children's book in your moose visits. Imagine your earlier male visitor telling his other moose friends of the surprising encounter he had with you that turned out just fine. Now others have come to see you, even bringing their children for a view.

    1. That's kinda funny. There have been a lot of other moose in between those visitors too. Sometimes I'm too busy or the light's not good for photos. And sometimes they come by when I am sleeping or at work and I don't see them. But I would guess from tracks etc. that at least one moose is within 50 feet of my house at least once a day.