Thursday, August 27, 2015


It rained here all day! A nice steady gentle rain that soaked everything with no lighting at all. This a good thing. 

Thanks to lots of rain early in the year, all the brush/grass/wildflowers are well over my head. Many plants topping 6 or 7 feet high. Even the grass along the lane in this photo is over 4 feet high. But now it's turning into fall and they were all dry as tinder, creating a massive wildfire danger. So much of the west is on fire already, if a big blaze started up here, we'd be in serious trouble. I am very thankful that for at least a little bit now, that shouldn't happen easily. 

Also, the rain has for at least a little while, washed the smoke that had settled all over the valley from other state's fires, out of the air. Letting me breath easier again. Hopefully we don't fill right back up with smoke, though that is likely. It's very nice to get a break to breath though. I love the western mountains, and have no desire to ever live anywhere else. But living here certainly has some different challenges than I grew up with in PA.


  1. Pretty shots as always Ariel. :) If the grass is getting to high, it might be time to scythe it down, rake it up, and throw it on the compost pile for your garden. That would create sort of a fire-break too. I have a friend who keeps goats, they munch quite a bit of grass around her place, and they give her milk in return. :)

    1. Thank you! That's a great point. And right around my house, I keep the grass short mostly because of that. But it's not possible to mow the whole 800 acres I live on, or the thousands of square miles of National Forest that starts behind that. Those areas are where I am mostly concerned about a fire starting. I like goat and used to raise them. Here I think they would be hard to keep without attracting too many bears, wolves, and cats though.