Sunday, August 30, 2015

Things That Go On In A Tiny House

What happens in my house? Other than emptying toilets, canning things, watching wildlife, and blogging about it all? Often, having dinner and spending relaxing evenings with friends. Either out by my fire pit if the weather is nice and warm, or inside Fy Nyth. 

This is one of the best parts of living in a tiny house and the smaller amount of work, bills, maintenance, etc that come with it. Having time to do things I enjoy. Like sitting around a fire or in my cozy little house, eating good food, talking to some of my closest friends, and having a glass of wine.  I remember hearing someone else say that their favorite thing about their tiny house was the people they share it with, and I second that. Here is a collection of photos from a some of those evenings. 

Many people want to travel etc. which is fine, but this is some of what I enjoy. What would you choose to do with more free time in your life? 


  1. My goodness...them looks like some good eats!!!!

  2. Yum... thanks for your blog always enjoyable!

  3. I'm envious! The food looks fantastic, the setting is perfect and the company enjoyable.....what a way to spend an evening in a great place!

    1. It was all amazing. But anyone can cook and spend time with good friends where ever you are!

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