Sunday, September 6, 2015

Leaving the Tiny House For A "Micro House"

If you are interested in a tiny house, you are probably busy looking at plans, layouts, building methods, how to pair down your stuff, etc. But once you finish all that, hopefully what you are left with is more freedom. More free time, money, mental space, and so on. Some people love to travel with their free time. Not me so much. Some love to stay home and garden much of the time. Which I do. But I also love to backpack in the wonderful scenery around my house.

Meet my micro house, a whole 34 square feet. She weighs a bit under two pounds, no big pickup needed to move at all! And shared with my former room mate, Beth. We split up as room mates when I moved into Fy Nyth. But we still enjoy backpacking together. 

After about 35 miles of walking through scenery like this, we left the trip a day earlier than planned due to Beth having a pretty bad rolled ankle. Which happened on an (almost) flat level stretch of trail. Not on any of the steep or dangerous places where we were before that.

But before that, we climbed Fremont Peak. This is the view from only half way up.

Here we are both trying to not blow off the very top of the mountain in the 50 mile per hour gusts. 13,745 feet above sea level. The highest I've been on my own feet.

This shot give you some idea of how steep the climb up there was. Those lakes are almost 3000 feet below us right here.

This was just part of the 360 degree view of peaks from the top. 

This is an amazing world. Follow your dreams and if there is something you want to do, go for it! Don't spend the rest of your life wishing you had.


  1. Ariel,

    Hi! Congrats on you and your friend's recent adventure! I was reading about tiny homes and naturally found you and your inspiring photos, stories, lifestyle, and spirit. As a fellow photographer, I've an appreciation for the perspective you share and must admit... I was a little worried reading the title of your latest blog. I thought that you were perhaps not packing up a tent, but the house instead! I'd love to share photos and ask questions about both your adventures and your very unique home! Feel free to connect with me. My web address is

    1. Thank you, you have some beautiful photos as well. My email can be found on this site. I do try to respond to all comments and emails, but sometimes it takes me a while.

  2. Ariel, what impressive photos! Thank you for sharing this unique experience! I hope your friend gets well soon!
    Your are right. Don't just think about doing something, do it. I just realised how important that is myself and decided to start practising ;-)

    1. Good for you! And thank you. She's doing fine and actually in Korea for a month now.