Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Getting Cold

Frost around Fy Nyth this morning. Crisp crunchy white crystals everywhere. It was still about 22 F. as the sun was rising. Yesterday morning it snowed a little here, but I was at work so I couldn't get a photo of that. The forecast says to expect some more snow today. Winter seems to be starting finally. Pretty late for this area, but I'm ready for some slow snowy days with no outside projects and time to curl and and read, cook more complicated meals, and just relax. 


  1. Living in Southern California, I don't get the cold weather. I would love to move to an area where I can have cold and have a fire in the fireplace.

  2. I live in GA now after growing up in Vermont- another place where nature is constantly trying to kill you! I
    remember growing up with the Fall (Autumn if you are pedantic) being such a mad dash- fire wood/ garden/canning/ winterizing/ chickens so much to do before winter put an end to all the chores- not that they were usually done, but they could no longer be done. Hopefully you are all finished and can enjoy the peace and quiet of long dark nights. :)

    1. Yeah that's how it feels to me too. But I am now pretty much finished. And that's a good thing since it's snowing hard outside right now!