Thursday, October 8, 2015

Sunrises & Sets and Friends

There's been a bunch of rainy days here, but some beautiful fall weather too. Pretty leaves, morning mists, colored clouds, and an amazing lunar eclipse. And my good friends Dale and Doris finally made it over for a dinner and a visit. 

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  1. Hi Ariel,
    You have a couple of great eclipse photos. It was a fantastic day, wasn't it! I was in Jacksons Hole for the eclipse. I was there with a Travelquest tour group. They did a great job organising the eclipse tour, which started in Rapid City, then Yellowstone (also amazing) then Salt lake City (boring) and then down to Bryce Cannon NP, the north rim of the Grand Canyon (both amazing) and finished up in Phoenix where typically the temperature was 113, so somewhat warmer than Wyoming. Then home to Sydney.

    There is a total solar eclipse visible from my home in Sydney in 2028 so if you ever come to Australia do it in 2028!