Monday, December 12, 2016

In Memory of My Kitties

My kitties. People often ask me for updates as to how they are doing. There's a reason I've had no updates on any of them and they haven't been in any posts. As you may have guessed from the title of this post, they are all gone. And feeling sad about this, I've not posted anything about them.

Here's a post in memory of them all. Some of them were around for almost a full year, but eventually they all became part of the larger food chain. I miss them, but will not be attempting to keep any more pets like this unless I live in a different area.

Manipi, my first boy returned after a month long runaway escapade that left him with frostbitten ears and toes and no desire to ever leave again.

Wynn joined me in the meantime while he was missing. 

And then Luther added his mouse murdering prowess to the bunch. Actually they all caught a lot of mice. And there were plenty to catch!

These three existed pretty amiably together until Luther decided to bully Manipi and chase him away.  Repeatedly. 

Thanks to this, I found Luther a new home with only big dogs to hang out with. No other cats. As far as I know, he's still happy there.

But Wynn got a little lonely when I was gone at work and such. Manipi was old enough to want to nap in the sun most of the time, but she wanted to play.

Between her naps that is.

So Kola joined the family.

 He was about the same age as Wynn and they seemed to enjoy each other.

And last, but not least, Thomas came along. 

Now all these little ones arrived needing a home due to various reasons. Manipi's owner had severe allergies and couldn't keep him. Wynn was abandoned in a ditch as a kitten. Luther had beat up his former mom's small dog after she'd taken the time to tame him from a feral cat and feed and house him. Kola's parents split up and he lost his home. And Thomas was injured in a undocumented accident that left him paralyzed from his lower spine down. He could not move his tail at all, and more inconveniently for his last indoor home, became completely incontinent. Every time he'd go to sleep, the poor boy would wake in a puddle or pile of his own business. 

As I said I do miss them all. But I am trying not to be too sad. They all seemed to enjoy their time at my house. They all loved catching the plentiful mice and leaving me a steady stream of presents. Chasing birds they never got close too. Napping in the sun on the porch. Curling up on the swing. Hanging out inside by the fire. I think they had pretty good kitty lives overall, despite being cut short by the natural world we live in. I think they all found a home they liked, I'm just sorry it couldn't last longer.

What exactly happened to them? I don't know. I just know they all disappeared. Within a few days of each other. I only ever found the remains of one. My best guess is that one of these other beautiful creatures below had a good meal. Sometimes life is rough. I understand all these guys have to eat too, so I can't really blame them. But like I said, I don't plan to be keeping any more kitties unless I move to a different area.

Hopefully that answers everyone's questions. So that's the end of Fy Nyth's kitty story. I wish it had a more cheerful ending, but unfortunately I write about life here, not fiction. I hope all your pets are staying nice and safe. I guess it's one of the trade offs to living in this beautiful spot.


  1. I'm so sorry. You did what you could and don't let anyone make you feel bad about it. I'm a cat lover and we have 3 in our 26 foot travel trailer. However, unlike you, we aren't allergic. We get it. Hugs to you for doing your best.

  2. Yes, you did indeed give these quirky little beings a home, one that they obviously appreciated. You got to enjoy their company as well. We do not have control over nature and how it really works. We can only be generous with our kindness to the beings that come and go through our lives, let them know we care whichever way we can. You did this for them, Ariel. Take care, Ardith

  3. Another beautiful post - photos, writing, all. Your honest, straight forward blog is why I keep reading.

  4. This is a beautiful post. Thanks, as always,for sharing your life. The truth, even when it's not what we want it to be, connects us all.

  5. Awww, I'm sorry to hear that. Growing up on the farm, we went through a lot of cats, which really sucks because you get so attached to them. Very few of our felines have ever made it to old age.

  6. Thank you all for your kind comments!

  7. In my years I have become more philosophical about our span on this planet. Some us have our threads cut shorter in this tapestry than others. We can only surmise the reasons. After a few more decades you will feel it, too, I think. It's like when you see some lovely dish and buy it, bringing home something breakable. You just know (don't you?) that someday it is going to break.

  8. Sorry to hear of your kitties. I was wondering if you have thought about setting up or were aware of a paetreon page. That way people can donate to your adventure. I hope you do. Have a wonderful day.

    1. Thank you. A few people have suggested a paetreon page, but I guess I'm a little torn. It seems a bit like begging for money which I don't care to do.

  9. Well you loved them that is all you can do! Life is life thanks for sharing we have three! two are inside cats only go out on leash and one is indoor and outdoor he was a stray but we keep him in during the night but he is able to go out in the day. the old boy Shadow all black like yours and a all white Marcy who was company for Shadow she was a spca rescue and Sir Shermond who is orange. When he is out we wistle for him and he comes. He was under our shed at minus -22 degree Fahrenheit We love them all and loosing them would be hard Shadow is 14 years old the others are around 8 years

  10. It was actually -71 Fahrenheit I made a mistake as we use Celsius up here in Canada

  11. They are all lovely. And you had a great journey together and that is the beauty of life. They lived free and honestly this is the best way for us all to be. It is what they lust for just like yourself, you wanted to live close to nature and experience it all. But yeah... we always miss them because they are part of the family. And what a beautiful family!!

    This was an adorable post! So many cute pictures. Luther is freaking majestick by the way. No wonder he was a bully. It kinda shows in his posture. I wonder if it was him who kept the other bigger beasts at bay!!

  12. so sorry. a dog? but i guess he would be left alone while you work????

  13. Two years ago I lost all my kitties also. I think it was an owl that got them but we also have eagles and hawks and coyotes so who knows. They had all wandered here on there own as strays but I fed them and built insulated boxes for them with straw and covered them with blankets. I'm allergic to cats so they had to stay outdoors. Plus, I've got 3 dogs (had 4 but lost one June 26th of this year). Maybe a large dog would be safe where you live but not sure as eagles can take down even larger animals. I think they prefer smaller prey usually so maybe a big dog would be safe idk. You could always get a lion lol :) God bless you and keep you!