Friday, November 17, 2017

How I found Parking for my Tiny House, and other things....

I really do love life here in my tiny house. And I hope that sharing my experiences and ups and downs can encourage others to take a closer look at what is important in their own lives. 

In the interest of that, I've created a quick overview of what my blog and videos are all about. 

And done an updated look at how I found my amazing location to park my tiny house. Along with some ideas if you are trying to figure out the same thing. 

It was warm again, with more rain. I would have preferred snow, rain is kind of depressing. But now it's dark and that rain has turned back into snow. It looks rather like I'm going to wake up to quite a bit of fresh snow by morning!

I'm still trying to get a good shot of this little Stellers Jay when he flits by the house. He's visited several times now, and I think they are such pretty birds! But he never holds still.

And sometimes I get bigger avian guests. What's the biggest bird you've ever had near your house?


  1. Lovely photos! The biggest bird we have had visit was a red tailed hawk. I have feeders out and it would come and catch mourning doves. I haven't seen it for awhile now.

  2. Do you save money by living this way?

    1. Compared to some modern western lifestyles for sure. But I'm still getting to live much more comfortably than 90 something percent of all human that have ever lived.

  3. Omg YAY Ariel!!! I am so over the moon excited for you about the property you purchased!! I can't wait to hear more & maybe see some pics. I've been following you since the beginning. I love your tiny home. You are so informative & I have learned so much from you!!