Friday, December 29, 2017

Merry Christmas, Thank You's, and Eating Snowballs

An attempt at a self timered shot of Grizzly and I. Hitting a camera shutter, getting in place, and trying to show her how to pose all at once it a bit challenging! But we did get one shot of us and the house together. 

A bit late, but Merry Christmas and some big thank you's to all of you amazing folks following the journey here!

And Grizzly is starting to get pretty comfortable here. She's even feeling relaxed enough to play some. I learned that while she doesn't seem to have any interest in chasing a ball, she does like to catch and eat snowballs. :) 

The snow is still not very deep, but at least it's white and clean looking out there now!

Isn't Grizzly just a really beautiful dog? :)

And one shot of one of the many little cheerful birdies that flit and chirp around here in the winter. 


  1. You and Grizzly look like you were made for each other. You found "the one" and it's beautiful!

  2. Ariel, have a great 2018. We love your still photography and letting us inside with your video's.

  3. Our wish is for you to have a wonderful New Year and great things ahead for you in 2018! (envious of the snow all we have is cold).