Thursday, January 11, 2018

Fridge Review & A Visiting Fox

When it's not pouring rain in the middle of winter like the weather has gone insane, Grizzly and I have been able to go for some walks in the woods. :)

And do some inside projects, like continue to review the appliances I'm really happy with. 

And we had a cute little visitor come by. 

We've been snowshoeing and Grizzly seems to very much enjoy being outside and getting to move around which I don't think she was able to do much for all her many months in the shelter. 

We crossed some pretty big moose tracks several times, and it would be amazing if we could find his antlers when he sheds them soon!

And then there was this amazing full moon rise a few nights ago!


  1. We’ve been reviewing the refrigerator options for our TH. Finding one sized for our needs in a Not frost free has not yielded any options. Our current is about 10cubic ft and the freezer is adequate for us but the fridge part is a battle. The biggest challenge is finding one that is Not frost free. TFS helpful video.

  2. Are you snowshoes buckled together??