Thursday, January 4, 2018

Popcorn on the Wood Stove & some Chores

Everything is good a white around here now, but the snowfall amounts are below average here at my place compared to last winter which was the most snowfall ever recorded in the state of WY!

I'm still doing some cooking on the wood stove thanks to still not having my replacement range. The first one sent out arrived badly smashed by the freight company so I refused shipment. The company I purchased it from, AJ Madison, I really really wanted to be able to recommend to you all as they do have a great selection of tiny house sized appliances along with all their full sized stuff. 

But after being shuffled around for nearly three weeks after the smashed stove arrived, not answering their phones, not replying to emails, saying it was taken care of, finding out later nothing had happened, etc. I can't recommend dealing with them. As of yesterday and yet another long phone call which resulted in finding out they had still not shipped a new stove, I asked them to cancel the order and they said they will refund my money. If not that does not happen, I will dispute the charge with the credit card company. I now have a new stove, same model but costing a few dollars more, shipping though an Amazon seller. It was shipped this morning, and I am hoping I will soon have a range back in that hole in my kitchen.

In the mean time, I am cooking simple things on the wood stove.

And doing other chores around the house. 

And finally, I know it's not a good photo, but this little critter startled me in a tree right beside my house one night well after dark. I'm pretty sure it's a flying squirrel, but I've never seen one before. The cute little guy scrambled up and down the tree peaking out at me for a bit before I was cold enough to want to go back inside. But it was a pretty cool experience!


  1. Yes, it IS a flying squirrel. You can tell from the over-sized eye.

  2. I am sorry that it is taking so long and so much trouble in getting the new range. This must have been especially frustration at this time of year, not being able to cook as you have said that you like to do. I hope the replacement wasn't too much more.

  3. I'm very impressed with your wood stove popcorn! CatMan is a total popcorn snob, so I have picked up a few tricks over the years. I totally agree that using lots of oil (and it's gotta be coconut) is key. but just in case you're curious... here are a few more secrets to pleasing an impetuous popcorn snob!

    First, you can add the salt directly to the popping oil to get a more evenly distributed flavor. Second, if fluffy popcorn is important to you (CatMan HATES chewy popcorn) there's a little trick. You put just a few kernels into the oil as it's heating up - when they pop, you know the oil is hot enough. Then you put the rest of the kernels in. Stir them to coat thoroughly, and remove from the heat for about 90 seconds. This primes the kernels so they're just on the verge of popping. Then you return it to the heat and everything pops almost instantaneously. This method only works if you have a thin bottomed pan (which is key for popcorn snobs.) We, of course, have a Whirly Pop. At one point I splurged and bought a thick bottomed stainless steel popcorn kettle, and it was terrible! Chewy popcorn every time. So we went back to the $3 aluminum one I got at the thrift store and he's been happy ever since.

    Anyhow, Happy Popping!

  4. Do flying squirrels wear parachutes?

  5. You might try adding nutritional yeast for 'cheesy' popcorn, or Spike seasoning (I prefer salt-free) for herb popcorn. I get rave reviews for both. Enjoy :)

  6. I saw your video on your tiny house ... I love how descriptive you were. I would LOVE to know where you obtained your dining room table that is completely collapsible with the 3 drawers on either side. That would work perfectly in my home. Would love to get one myself. My direct email is Hope to hear back from you.