Saturday, January 5, 2019

Welcome to 2019!

Hello all! It's been a while since I've had time to write here. If you have just landed here for the first time, welcome! If you scroll back through posts, you will find most of the history of the first three years or so of life off grid in my tiny house here. And I am still very much happily living here, in my fifth year now! 

But more of my time these days is going to videos rather than blog posts about life here. Since, a bit sadly to me, most folks seem to prefer to watch rather than read. So head on over to for most of the latest updates. There's usually a new video every few days. Or find me on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook/Minds/Gab/Steemit/GooglePlus as Fy Nyth if you'd like to follow posts there. 

We're having a pretty average winter so far. Which means it's looking pretty white around here as the new year begins. 

Over time, there has been a few changes to the interior such a whitewash on the walls and the addition of upper kitchen cabinets.

Summer was full of lots of adventures with friends and family including an 80+ mile backpacking trip in the Sawtooth range with a good friend. 

I continued to garden and grow as much food as possible here in the very short summer.

Plants, flowers, food, and growing things remain some of my favorite things to spend time with. 

One morning there was a just after sunrise rainbow over the house!

My life here has been joined by Burley, a beautiful young English Shepherd who has rapidly become a wonderful companion. 

All aspects of life off grid continue as well. I'm settled in with a good supply of firewood for the year.

And like I said, for all the detailed updates on all those things over the past months, head on over to where there are currently almost 400 videos detailing most aspects of off grid life here in my tiny house along with just some fun and adventures. Thanks for following along!


  1. I enjoy your blog, but don't get into videos, so I guess I'll see you when the spirit moves you. - lol - I hope 2019 is a great year for you.

  2. Me too - more of a reader than video watcher. What happened to Bear (was that his name?), the dog you had a year ago? Best wishes for a great 2019!

  3. You were right, the cabinets do make the kitchen look tidier. :)

    Maybe you could link each new YouTube video to a blog post, adding a written piece that either summarizes or gives extra information about the video content, plus some pictures. :)

  4. What a treat! I've followed your blog from the beginning. The videos I also enjoy, informative and relaxing. It's been a pleasure watching you improve your technique and content.

  5. Thanks for the post today. I am mostly a blog reader, too, and thought of you this morning. Was planning to see if I had missed something since I had not seen a post for a while. Glad you are doing well.

  6. I guess I'm an outlier as well. I far prefer to read the blog posts. I kind of hate having the videos yammering at me.

  7. oh rats. switched computers and now have to remember all those accounts and user names and passwords again! Glad to see a post. Life has interrupted my posting, too. I get it. But have missed you. And I LOVE that dog! I have 2 dogs and they do make life messy and wonderful. I'll have to track down some of your videos

  8. Darn Google lost my comment. :( I am one of those who prefers blog posts to videos--I have too noisy a household and the wrong brain for videos. So happy to see another post and to catch up a bit again--it's been so long! I look forward to any news you share. :) For example, I'm also wondering about Grizzly--so sad. Also, I've been wondering about your other property and whether you've gotten over there to do any of those preps that take so long--like chips on the garden or whatever. Another: beautiful photo of the garden--so is the poisoned hay fiasco now all fixed? Thanks for taking the time to share. I like Anonymous's idea--while it's all fresh after making the videos, could you post a short synopsis and couple photos? Wouldn't have to be great literature if you're not putting your energy into this anymore. Thanks anyway for whatever you can do. :)

  9. Thank you for showing us all this. I enjoy both watching, listening and reading. Your dog looks so sweet! Your flowers are very beautiful. Best regards, Ilma

  10. P.S. How is your compost toilet working? Ilma

  11. I just discovered your stuff - thank you for sharing!
    (Tiny living is a future goal of mine. I'm happy where I'm at right now though, so am enjoying watching others live tiny for the moment, and generally fueling fire for the idea. :) )

  12. I spent my entire weekend watching your 194 youtube videos. You claim to have over 400 that I can't find, but I'll keep looking.
    Thanks for those videos.

  13. i love reading your posts!! always have. i completely understand how it is not having time, and i'm so glad your videos are well received. i have no doubt that they help a lot of people create the lives that make them happy. but be reassured that some of us are like you, and that your written words and beautiful photos, however rare, are well appreciated.

  14. Obsessively watching your videos lately. They're informative and charming but also very relaxing viewing! Thank you so much for creating them. Happy to see you have a new pup these days as well :)

  15. Have been subscribed to you on your first video. Love when you cook and bring out ideas, including gardening.if I ever make it to Wyoming would live to meet for coffee at the local hang out spot.
    Wishing you all the success and freedom that many people wish they had.
    Thanks again

  16. I soooooo envy you Ariel!!.I love your lifestyle!..I love watching every video! Cooking ones are my favorite...and gardening! are an inspiration!!!
    Thank you!

  17. The cabinets are BEAUTIFUL!!! I am not a fan of the open shelf thing. I understand the thought behind your original idea, but the cabinets, the new white oven/range … it all comes together. Congrats!

  18. Hi, Ariel. Although I am a voracious reader, I usually watch your videos. They are so informative and visually pleasing. And of course Burley is a great addition! Best wishes to you.

  19. THANK YOU SO MUCH for blogging again! I was excited when I saw that you posted after so long without etc. I love your videos, but as I've mentioned in the past this blog is something to behold as well. have a great day!

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