House Photos

Me and My House

Video Tour

A Lived In Tiny House

Fy Nyth's Kitchen

Tiny House in the Big Woods

My Lofts

My Transforming Table

Fy Nyth's Bathroom

Evening Lamplight

Curtains Up

Tiny House At Night

Mostly Moved In

Sneek Peek Inside

She's Here!

Final Photos From The Builders - Interior

Final Photos From the Builders - Exterior


  1. I LOVE your tiny house!! Incredible lot and location! Thank you for sharing all of your resources and info! Especially your folding table! ;)


  2. Hi there, My name is Jessican and I work for SFG Media Group.
    We often write about homes. The articles usually feature the interior of the home paired with our own commentary. May we feature this home in our home tour articles? We will link back to your website. Let me know if this is alright!

    1. Maybe! Could you drop me an email with more info about your group? arieldot c dotmcglothin at gmaildotcom.

  3. how could i do this on guam, usa with little money? im on ssdi and make about 700 a month, and i have section 8 etc. i would have to get land and somehow legally find a way to put a tiny house on the land. if you have any ideas please let me know! also if your looking to visit guam or relocate here, please let me know

  4. you can reply to me here for guam, i forgot to click the notify me box!

    1. I don't know what all you have available around you in Guam, but many people have lots of info out there on how to build your own house. So if you have the time and can collect free or second hand materials, I know it's possible to build one fairly cheaply. Best wishes on you plans!

  5. Hi Ariel, I am also building a tiny house but my house is very tiny. I am building it of all the left over materials that I have collected from my many projects in 30 years. When I was 19 i bought a property of 240 acres. Over the years, it has served as equity against my business. I subdivided it so I only have 120 acres left. Since I am about to retire, I am getting my property ready for sale to a relative. However, the dwellings are on the part that was sold. So I have had to build this tiny house as a shelter for when I am working on the property. It is only 3 metres long and 2.4 metres wide built on a small trailer. It certainly would not be a permanent residence but serves well for myself and workers over a weekend or a week. It will sleep four. It has a bed on the floor, above it a bunk and then a loft that sleeps two. The bunk folds down as a couch. Bunk is back rest and bed is the seat for couch. it is not quite finished but it is at lockup stage and I use it to stay in while I do the farm work and work in the evenings on finishing the Tiny house. To see the Tiny house here is the link


  7. Your photography is exceptional. You know how to compose an image that elicits a response from its viewer. This is a great talent. Have you had any instruction or are you self taught?

  8. Amazing cool tiny house and actually whole lifestile.
    When I saw a video in Youtube, I already imagined feelings and pictures in my head... nice warm and comphy evenings and nights when light is burning in the small stove and there is cold winter outside. Amazing, how mutch can hold such tiny house - there is everything what can be needed.
    In our material world such minimalistic life is best, what somebody can live, because it makes soul more free. Other people in huge houses need to worry how to survive and some of them probably cant indulge in so much to travel or enjoy nature.

  9. What type of camera and lens are you using?