Friday, November 28, 2014

First dinner here

So my pantry is stuffed, my little fridge and freezer are crammed and I cooked the first meal here in Fy Nyth. I got a photo while I was cooking but forgot to take one after we started eating. Seth came over and we had the first fish tacos I'd ever made.

 Meal plans are still revolving around using up the food I had stored when I found out we were going to have to move out of the last place I rented. There I had a large garage as my pantry so I bought everything in bulk and normally stored about 6 months worth of food. (That was a guess, but since we've been eating out of that storage with just the addition of fresh fruits, veggies, eggs, etc for 4 months now, and I still have a very full pantry here, I think the guess was pretty close.) There were huge shelves, two refrigerators, and a chest freezer. So, I'll try to finish cooking all of that stuff up and then will have to restrain myself and not buy whole cases of things at a time.

Oh yeah, and the batteries are hooked up so now there is power around the clock without having to run my generator! More about that tomorrow...


  1. Thank you. I used to work at a little shop where we grew, dried, and arranged flowers. It's something I enjoy.

  2. Nice. What size is your front door?

  3. Just over 25''. It's ok, but honestly if I was doing it over I'd probably try to fit a larger door into the plan.

  4. I was wondering how difficult it was to get that recliner through the door. LOVE your home!

  5. The recliner wasn't too bad since it's pretty tiny. That's why I kept it, it was given to me by a friend who'd had it for quite a while though it is in very good shape. I don't think anyone makes little ones like it anymore now that everything is oversized. It's small enough for me to pick up easily by myself. I just had to turn it sideways and wiggle it a bit. ;)

  6. Hi Ariel,
    I've read all your blog posts and I have a few questions about random things.
    What kind of stove do you have and are you happy with it? I love to cook too so the stove is really important. If it has an oven, can you fit regular size cookie sheets, etc in it?

    Is the Wave 6 heater still working out?

    What would you do differently to avoid a mold issue? Besides being cold, this is my biggest fear about tiny house living. I've seen it on several blogs and want to avoid if possible. We live in a cold climate also and it seems the issue is how to vent the house without freezing. Seems hard. Any advice is appreciated!

    1. I have this stove - I am happy with it. The only thing I would do differently is get the model that does not have an electric ignition on the oven. That is just because I am off grid and it uses a lot of power. I don't have the inside measurements of the oven at the moment, but yes, I can fit full sized cookie sheets. Or my giant roast pan with a 20 pound turkey inside. Or standard 9 x 13 pans, etc.

      I do like the Wave 6 still. It does not have a thermostat however so as the weather has warmed up, I only turn it on for a while at night now. (It has high, med, and low settings, but if it's 60 outside, even on low the house will soon be 90 degrees.) And it does produce more moisture inside the house than the other heater which is directly vented outside. But all in all, I am glad I have it and really enjoy the feel of radiant heat.

      The biggest thing I would do is not use any kind of window frame that can soak up water and therefore mold. I wish I had composite windows or something else where I could just wipe up excess water and it would not soak in. Other than that, to some degree, you will just have to do some venting even though you do loose some heat. I keep one loft window open a crack to vent some moisture and keep air circulating. But you do need some air movement and one of the problems with a very tightly insulated and small space is that not much air moves.