Thursday, November 27, 2014

My first night in my new house

This is my first night in my new home! Bye bye hotel. I'm glad I had a warm place to live and keep my stuff for two months while waiting on my house to be built. I won't miss the noisy intersection right outside, the funky odor I could never quite get out of the room, the smokers from neighboring rooms I'd smell all the time, the very noisy woman (who would among other things have phone calls with her boyfriend around midnight with him on speaker phone turned up loud enough I could hear his whole side of the conversation, not to mention her very loud voice) who shared a wall with my room and was never able to take a soft step anywhere. I could swear she stomped everywhere she walked, and I was beside her. I feel really sorry for the folks below her room. So anyway, I'm glad I could stay but am not sorry to go.

 Now I am cozily tucked in the woods, disconnected from the grid and loving having an independent home all of my own. My little generator is merrily running everything until the final pieces of the solar system arrive, hopefully tomorrow. I do have wireless internet thanks to the cell companies, hence my ability to post this. My composting toilet is doing a fabulous job of doing it's thing and being easy to ignore. My home is warm and bright.

It's warm outside tonight as well, still just above freezing and it's getting close to midnight. The snow is compacting but we'll have more soon.  The mountains here are already reporting close to 100 inches this winter. There are boxes everywhere, and cupboards need some serious organizing. The fabric for the curtains is hanging in a few windows, but needs to be sewn into said curtains. The cushions for the custom built corner couch and the fabric to cover them are in my van. 

There's a mountain lion somewhere nearby unless someone was successful in shooting him today. We'll hope he's not sitting on my porch in the morning. Tomorrow there will be a run back to town to pick up the last few items from my hotel room and the packages I am waiting on. Then just more work on getting settled in here. Maybe baking some cookies and making fish tacos? My house is empty of prepared food, but has a stuffed pantry!


  1. "There's a mountain lion somewhere nearby unless someone was successful in shooting him today." WTF? That's a horrible thing to say! You're living in HIS territory and he has to be killed for that! Shame on you!

  2. I'm sorry I probably should have explained this a bit further in the original post. This particular cat has spent several months around the houses out on the main road and seems to have lost his fear of humans. He's doing things like walking up to groups of people in broad daylight and looking in windows of houses. It's been determined he's no longer safe or acting like a wild animal.

    I realize not everyone may be ok with that anyway, but I'll say this just for the record. I know I live in a wilderness area and love the wildlife here. Things like the porcupine that waddled by my window as I was washing dishes, the moose standing in my driveway, and the wolf that trotted around my house apparently just to check it out. I take great care to keep all my food smells, garbage, etc totally inaccessible to animals so they can't get habituated to obtaining food from people. This is pretty easy as I also spend a lot of time backpacking and am very used to taking care to avoid bad encounters with the wildlife.

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  4. Looks like a very relaxing place to live. I like being in the middle of nowhere, but not sure how I would function without high speed internet. Unless you get 4G internet access?
    Where will your new house be? Still in a secluded location? Will you miss living in the woods if you're moving back to a town?

    Willard Evans @ Wow! Homes

    1. I have high speed internet via wireless. This is one of my first posts, and is referring to moving into my tiny house almost a year ago. So I'm still in the woods, no plans to move back to a town anytime soon. Or ever maybe...

  5. You are living the dream, off the beaten track, using solar energy, and you can pick up and leave whenever you like. You may have even discovered Nirvana. An off the grid tiny house is definitely something I will be looking into in the future. Yours is nicely done and it really looks comfortable.

    Hayden Farley @ Malibu Real Estate Agents