Sunday, December 14, 2014

Wildlife around my house

Here's a just a few glimpses of the critters running around here. The little porcupine waddled by my window while I was cooking one evening. Below is a wolf track. I didn't seen him as I was gone when he stopped by, but from looking at his tracks, he trotted up the lane, did a loop around my house to check it out, and left again. And the last photo is a moose track. He's been in the drive several evenings when I came home, but this track it just a few feet from my door. And looks large even compared to my size 9 boots. There's also lots of little birds and squirrels around and I saw a snow white ermine just before getting to my drive earlier today.

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  1. What I feeling, knowing that nature is right on your door step, that is real freedom.