Thursday, February 12, 2015

Tiny House camping

My excuse for not writing much here for a bit is a camping trip a little south of here. While we are having an unseasonably warm winter in the mountains where I live, just a few hours away in the desert, it was really warm last week. Like tee shirt and shorts and a sunburn warm. Very nice. We got to take my new-to-me van on it's first camping trip and while I still like backpacking more, it's pretty sweet for car camping. So this is my tinier house while on the road. 

For the middle of February, this is crazy warm!

And we got to see lots of stuff like this...

Not having to carry everything on your back does allow some touches to a breakfast that would be too heavy for a backpacking trip. We enjoyed the sunshine, the area, and the comfy camping and plan on getting that van out on a lot more trips soon.

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  1. Yummmm!!! That breakfast looks amazing!! =9 I have to laugh that LAST YEAR you had 64° in February. Well, THIS YEAR ... actually TODAY ... it was 75°F in NW Georgia. Yes, I know we're in the SOUTH, but that is still INSANE, even for us!! =D