Saturday, February 14, 2015

Couch Covers

After hoping that letting the fabric and the foam cushions sit near each other for a while (months) would somehow result in the covers sewing themselves, I finally decided that was not working. I can sew. I grew up sewing all my own clothing. And I hate sewing. I genuinely enjoy many household chores like cooking and don't mind many of the others. But sewing I have never enjoyed. However, after getting tired of looking at the ugly shade of green foam sitting there and getting a quote that someone else would sew them for me for about $400, I decided I'd better just do it. 

Thanks to a friend letting me use his sewing machine and a few evening of work, they are finally completed. Not the most professional job I know, but I am satisfied with the way they turned out. There are zippers in each one so the covers can be removed for washing or to replace the foam eventually. 

I am now much happier with the appearance of my couch for sure!


  1. I love the entire atmosphere of that corner of your house, with the books and the plants and the old chest and the windows and the lovely couch! It looks like somewhere I could just curl up and lose myself in a book with a nice cup of tea. :)

    Thank you for this blog, by the way! I've been following it for a while, and it's so nice to see someone blogging about actually living in their tiny, instead of just stopping when they've finished construction.

    1. Thanks. It is a pretty nice place to read. And it's nice to know what people enjoy reading about. It seems like a lot of people like the everyday life and the lived in aspects of actually living in a tiny house.

    2. I think the biggest worry for aspiring TH dwellers is always going to be 'how will it actually work when I am living in this tiny house?' So it is really cool to see someone doing just that, and also in quite a normal, average-person lifestyle way. I really appreciated your post on internet, for example, because I know that I also would not be happy with a tiny amount of slow stick-internet like many other people have. (I don't need a TV or consoles or anything, but I do want to be able to stream a movie!)

  2. So inviting! Love it! And, speaking as someone who still makes her own clothes, at least it was all straight seams with little fitting challenges to navigate as when sewing for people. It was so cold in our neck of the woods this weekend, I ended up digging through stash to make coats for my goats. :) All's well. Thanks for sharing.