Thursday, April 23, 2015

Video Tour of Power System

Are you interested in more info on my off grid power system? I finally did a video tour of that aspect of my house. Here are links to the particular parts I used for this setup.

I bought most of the parts for the Solar System as a kit

Batteries, I have 5 of these now

Generator (I love this one, and wrote a whole post about it here

Charger for the generator

 I'd be happy to try to answer any further questions you have as well!


  1. I love your house. I've been researching tiny houses for a couple years now and the picture in my mind of what I want to build is pretty similar to your house. I would also like to live off grid to make things easier. However, I think I would have to supplement the solar with something else like you have done. I spend the summers in the rainforests of SE Alaska and although the days are long, we also get a lot of rain and cloudy days. Luckily, I only spend the summers up here and travel/work the rest of the year elsewhere. I would like to rely on propane for as much as possible (hot water heater, refrigerator, stove/oven, heater) and would only need a few outlets/lights to charge devices and such. How much does your solar system produce and how often do you have to rely on the generator for back up power? How big is your circuit breaker (how many amps)? Thanks for any advice you can provide on powering an off the grid tiny house.

    1. Thank you! Check out my post where I think I answer many of your questions.

      If you still have more, feel free to ask.