Saturday, August 8, 2015

Jamboree Day 2

Day 2. I was able to look around a few more houses I never made it into yesterday, listen to some more speakers, meet more folks who I only knew through the internet, and spend the evening hanging out with some pretty cool builders! I am looking forward to tomorrow, but a bit bummed I'll probably have to leave early to get home in time for work on Monday.

Huge crowds! I don't think anyone expected this turnout. 15,000 people today I think I heard?

This house has been build from the trailer up during the last two days.

More crowds listening to speakers.

Neat interiors and stairs are all over!

Q and A panels. 

And a bunch of shots of my two favorite interiors that are different than mine.


  1. Ariel, do you recall if there are screens on the four windows of the sleeping loft space ( the photo with the Dalmatian stuffed toy on the bed)?

    1. I'm pretty sure there are, but that house is from and you could certainly ask them for more info.