Sunday, January 31, 2016

Little Sis and Large Wildlife

Several things happened around here in the last week other than the snow getting deeper. And several things visited my tiny house. 

First, my little sister, Jerusha, made it for a visit. A day late and several rescheduled flights later. After all the airports in her area on the east coast shut down thanks to their record blizzard. But she did make it out here eventually.

She snapped some shots of me and my house for me.

We enjoyed lots of good meals that included things like frozen greens from last years garden, home made bone broth, home canned pickles, mint tea frozen from my garden last year, and sprouts that I've been growing in my house all winter. My friend, handyman, and neighbor, Clay, joined us some as well. Since he helps me with so many projects, I like to cook for him when ever I can.

Jerusha had to admire my tiny stove and the first fire we lit in it. It's only a candle since we are waiting on one more piece of the pipe to arrive in the mail. Once that's here (maybe Monday?) I can't wait to fire this thing up for real!

Then there were a lot of moose that visited. In both of these shots you can get an idea of how close the hang out to my house and lane. One evening while we were gone, one even left tracks inches from the front door. Maybe he was sampling the cat food on the porch?

Living in a tiny house didn't phase Jerusha at all. But she did note that my stairs are not wide enough to sit on comfortably for long. She even remembered how much faster my liquid tank on my toilet filled up with two people using it last time she was here and caught that for me before I over flowed the bottle!

Never in all the years I've lived in this area have I seen as many moose as this last month. I think it's been nearly a full four weeks of seeing 1 to 8 moose per day, every day. Except for today. I guess I worked too long today or they were all bedded down from the storm, but today I only saw tracks. So my record has been broken.

All these shots were taken with my little camera and from with in a few feet of my front door.

I'm pretty sure this guy is a teenaged bull. You can just see his little budding antlers starting to grow.

And then there are the elk. These ladies were wondering around, eating, and then bedding down just up the road from my house.

I think elk might be the most majestic wild animal I've ever personally encountered. And I love living where I get to see all these creatures up close and on a regular basis!


  1. Must have caught Bullwinkle in the neighborhood

  2. Great post, looks like you all had a lot of fun.

  3. Will you kindly give detailed instructions for how you make your tea? Thanks.

    1. Mint tea? Cut whatever kinds of mint you have around. I have several kinds of peppermint and spearmint. Fill a large pot with water. Bring to a boil and turn the burner off. Put all the tea leaves, still on their stems, in the pot and let them steep for an hour or two. Scoop out all the leaves and add honey or sugar to taste. I never measure any of this, just make it as strong or as week as you like. If you are going to freeze it, make it really strong and dilute it once thawed just so it takes less space in your freezer.

  4. That is so exciting that your sister could come out and visit! She is so beautiful and I love her braids! So cool to look out the window and see so many creatures, but maybe not on the front porch

  5. Just stumbled upon your page through Pinterest and all I've read so far is this post. I'm loving your blog and your tiny house!! What a blessed life you live!! I'm envious!! =)

  6. Elk, moose, caribou, deer, buffalo, bear, wolf - how awesome that we still see them. And some so interested in us too.
    Very glad for your visit with your sister!