Saturday, January 30, 2016

More Snow

It snowed more! Last year was an unusually low snow year so it's fun to see how deep the snow piles are getting this year around my house. Last night added about 10 new inches.

The views out two of my windows. Above, you can see the snow piled up a little ways above the base of the window it's self. I did shovel the top of that pile off since I do want to be able to see out my windows!

Manipi seems to really enjoy the sunshine on the porch.

Last night was rather warm for this area so the snow stuck to everything. Making the whole area look like a winter wonderland as the sun came up this morning.

The sun is quite stunning as it bursts through the trees. And it is gradually getting higher in the sky again too.

Manipi also likes to follow me around like a puppy while I work outside. Pretty much no matter what I am doing, he trots along at my heels. Including the whole time I am shoveling snow.

In places, these snow piles are now higher than my head. My pathways are becoming tunnels. I am really curious to see what it looks like around here by the time all the snow stops in the spring. We probably have at least three months of snowfall yet to go!


  1. Amazing! Too much snow! Where are you going to put it if you get any more. Soon it will be too high to throw the new snow over the old snow. I see the wire coming to the front of your house. Is that the electrical wire coming in from your solar panels? Where are they now and how well are they working in this cold weather? Do you notice a difference?

    1. I'd just have to move it further. But we've been getting a really warm spell and the snow has compacted and settled a lot. So I'm good for now.

      Yes, that is the cable coming in from the panels. They are just up the hill where none of the trees can block the sun at all. The cold weather is no problem, they actually are less efficient as they get too warm. I do have to go dust the snow off of them after a storm though so the sun can get through, but they are doing a great job.

  2. WOW!!! SO breathtakingly beautiful!! Traveling Mom has a valid point! WHERE ARE your solar panels?!! Also, what happens when all of that lovely snow melts?! Are you high enough where you won't need pontoons on that tiny house?!! lol. =)

    1. Up the hill and out of the trees so they get full sun. And yes, as the snow melts it is going to be wet and muddy for a while, but no pontoons needed. I live at the top of a rocky hillside.