Saturday, July 23, 2016


There is a wildfire burning close to my house right now. My location is in no danger from it because the fire would have to totally change directions and then hop a major river, but depending on the wind direction, there has been a ton of smoke at my house. At times making it hard to breath and leaving my throat burning. And even making the trees around my clearing look hazy from the house. Above is a shot I managed to snap of the full moon through some smoke. That spot in front of the moon is a firefighting helicopter with a water bucket below that's headed to dump a load on one edge of the fire.

Here you can see a few little clouds in the sky, but the ones on the horizon that look like thunder heads are all smoke.

The same thing with the moon rising through the smoke and haze.

One of the times the smoke was rolling across the valley towards my place, almost totally obscuring the opposite mountains. 

It's pretty early in the summer for big fires and hopefully we get some rain. The forecast is all hot and dry right now though, so it's not looking promising. 


  1. Please be careful and be prepared. Fort McMurry in Alberta, Canada, had a terrible wildfire this spring, worst disaster (dollar-wise) in Canada's history, and that fire did things totally unexpected. I should think that it possible to jump a river, even a wide/large one.

    Stunning shots, though, and such a gorgeous full moon. Things and people always seem to be a bit crazier than usual during a full moon!

    Kim (Ontario, Canada)

  2. Wonderful photos! As Kim says in her comment, be careful!