Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Full House

In case you ever wandered, you can host overnight guests when you live in a tiny house! My friend Seth's sister Katie and nephew Caleb came to visit the mountains and stayed at my place along with him. So we had three adults and a child sharing my little place for a few days. 

It was fun even while being crowded. I and I think everyone else enjoyed the time. But I don't know how some of you with families do that full time. It was crowded and while I realize that if you were all living there full time, some of the people would not be living out of suitcases and such. Still, I'd have to say, that's a little tighter than I'd prefer to live long term.

We had a lot of dinners around the fire pit outside which of course gave us plenty of space.

Seth and my neighbor Clay helped Caleb catch his first trout on fly rod.

They also spent a lot of time looking for obsidian and arrowheads along the river banks.

Roasting cherries over the camp fire (the healthy alternative to marshmallows) also consumed some time.

It was fun having guests and I hope to do it again before long!

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