Thursday, February 19, 2015

Toilet Worms update

Worms again. (For the first part of this discussion see my post here.) So my first batch of worms seemed to arrive healthy and happy. However, two days after adding them to my toilet, I couldn't find a live worm in there.

 I contacted the company, not to complain, as the worms they shipped seemed to arrive just fine, but to ask if they had any info or thoughts on what may have killed the worms so I could do something different in the future. They got right back to me and said they had already put a new batch of worms in the mail because they guarantee live delivery which was very nice of them since I clearly said the worms had arrived alive and in good health. They also suggested that the temps could have been too hot or cold (which I don't think was a problem since my toilet is in my climate controlled house) or that there may have been too much solid waste in proportion to filler material like toilet paper and peat moss. This may have been the problem, so I did add more peat moss before adding the new batch of worms. 

The new batch arrived and I added them to my toilet yesterday. As of today, they still seem alive and healthy, so we'll see how it works this time around. More updates as things progress....

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