Saturday, December 12, 2015

Live Tiny Legally Documentary

I try to only post other's campaigns on here if it's something I care enough about to support myself. This is one of those. I have personally met all three of the people involved in this project. And it's a project I care about. My own living situation, like most others right now, is in a grey area. It would be rather nice to see more areas make tiny life totally legal.

"Did you know that tiny houses aren’t legal in most places? Most cities don’t know how to treat tiny houses or where to put them? No definitions exist and no guidelines for zoning or safety regulations either.We’re committed to changing this by enrolling the support & telling the stories of communities who have already figured out, or want to figure out how Tiny Houses can work for their residents."

 For more info on what they are trying to do, check out the link. Like I said, I supported them and if you have a spare $1, $3, or $5, you can help too! Plus, there are lots of cool gifts in exchange including being able to join me and a ton of other folks at the Jamboree next summer!

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