Wednesday, December 28, 2016

One Week into Winter

Yesterday morning I finished shoveling out from our 14+ inches over Christmas. As I finished, the snow started coming down once again as you can see above. My snow banks were at eye level already.

Here's a quick video tour of what it looked like yesterday.

All shoveled and easy to walk. Yes, I do have a deal with a neighbor who plows my lane out to the main road, I'd never be able to shovel all that.

So all finished shoveling I came inside to my cozy house and just looked out the windows at the snow. Then I headed of to work till 10 pm.

This is on a side window of my van. Where I grew up you could not ever really see the actual flake patterns in a snowflake. Here you can!

When I got home from work, it was still dumping. The streaks are just from a slow shutter speed. It was still very much a cold dry snow, not rain.

Another foot or more had fallen. After getting a good nights sleep, I'm back to shoveling until needing to head back to work this afternoon. I really do like the snow. But sometimes a break in the shoveling would be nice. The ski resort here is reporting over 20 feet of snow fall for the year. And it's only one week into winter officially! I hope you are all enjoying your winters with whatever kind of weather they bring you!


  1. Oi, I'm a wee bit jealous of your snow. Our last two winters here, in northern Alberta, have been terribly mild.

    1. Well I seem to have plenty to share this year. Anther 30-40 inches in the forecast for the next few days here!

  2. I am enjoying my NO snow! I never liked to drive in it. Being from southern California, I just never got used to it and now I am back in southern California and hopefully getting some rain today and tomorrow! Your home looks beautiful in the snow!

    1. It's nice there is all kinds of climates so we can all find something we like! And thank you.