Thursday, February 9, 2017

Winter Mayhem

It's crazy around here! Over 400 inches of snow this winter and now rain for two days and nights. (It's still snowing in the mountains.) Most major roads are avalanched closed, power is out to thousands of people, several roofs have caved in, schools are having a second snow day this year after more than twenty years with out one, and even in this town that is normally prepared for huge winters, it's pretty much chaos.
Zack, one of my younger brothers and a first cousin, John, are here for a weeks visit. They planned to snowboard a huge mountain during an epic winter. Instead everything is closed and the resort is without power and shut down. Extreme avalanche danger makes any kind of back country travel unwise.  So instead, we are all hanging out, talking, relaxing, watching movies, and they have been helping me shovel snow. They're an amazing work crew!

Here's a quick video update from my house today.

Enjoying dinner together with my neighbor.

A full pan of apple coffee cake doesn't last long with this crew!

Neither do bacon wrapped pepper stuffed dates.

Or elk spaghetti.

All you can see of my house when you pull in the drive now!

Relaxing on the extended couch.

The slush on the roads is ten inches deep in some places! Making driving nearly impossible. And almost all the snow clearing equipment in the county seems to be broken down after running non stop all winter already.

My neighbor working night and day to keep several houses open including mine. For which I am super thankful! We are all safe and sound and there is plenty of food in the house for weeks. So don't worry about us, and stay safe with whatever forms of weather you are having!


  1. Good neighbors are a real blessing.

  2. Best wishes to you and everyone in your community.

  3. I found your youtube channel a few weeks ago, and from there I jumped on over to your blog---inspiring, informative---WOW! I live in northern California about an hour and a half from the Oregon border, right on the coast. I can see the ocean from my front deck. I am a bit covetous of all the snow because, although I can see snow on the mountains to the east, we don't often get snow at nearly sea level. We do, however, get TONS of rain! In fact, instead of road closures due to snow, we currently have several roads closed due to flooding. Thank you for sharing a bit of your world with your readers in the form of your channel, your blog, and your stunning photography. Best wishes to you!

    1. Thank you! I've got enough snow to share right now. But as it starts to warm up, we are going to have flooding here too most likely. And you are most welcome!

  4. The apple coffee cake looks amazing! Do you share recipes?

    1. Sure! Except that I rarely accurately follow any recipe. ;) This cake was mostly similar to this one though.

  5. Your photos are the best! Thanks for giving us urbanites a chance to see what we're missing in the back country! Enjoy that crazy weather with family.