Wednesday, September 20, 2017

First Snowfall On My Tiny House 2017

Summer seems to have decided to run off in a hurry around here! It's snowed off and on for the last few days. I'm staying busy with trying to dry, can, freeze, or ferment everything left in the garden.

The forecast is not really calling for any letup in the colder weather either. But at least this is putting a big dent in the fires and smoke that have blanketed much of the west for most of the summer.

The mountains are looking like they've got snow to stay for the year now and the snow line is not too far above my house. 

I even got to see a snow bow! Well it was half snowing / half raining at the time. But still pretty neat to see. 

So I'm curled up inside working on all the food preservation and very cozy with my little wood stove burning. 

And just for fun. This little boy wondered by the other evening. He looked to have some antler marks in his side so I'm guessing a bigger bull had recently chased him away from all the girls and he was all alone.


  1. I just love the pictures of your home out in the meadow, looks amazing and cozy ! Do you still dig living in a tiny home ??

  2. Hi Ariel, thanks for posting! I was wondering when would we have some news. We know summer is superbusy for you!

    I hope you can find time to show us some of your canning, fermenting and other things you do arond at this time of the year to prepare for the big white winter.

    And poor little deer. Now his true life begins on his own and it is a lot less romantic!