Sunday, May 24, 2015

Outhouse Remodel

This is an old outhouse. Like 50+ something years old. It used to be used by a logging crew's man camp. Whoever built it seems to have spent some time doing some quality work, because even now, despite it's age and lack of care, it's not in too bad of shape. And now it's my tool shed.

Yes I live in a tiny house, so I'm sure some will think this is cheating to have an external shed to store some things in. But especially living off grid, I have some things that are just not wise to store in my house. Like full gas cans for my generator, extra propane tanks, large water jugs, gardening tools, etc.  And this tiny shed holds all of that.

The old wooden toilet seat is now gone, and I promise, after this many decades of sitting unused, it does not smell even remotely like an outhouse. It now resides a few yards from my front door (originally it was sitting a bit further away) and has been patched up a bit to look like it does below. 

Above is the condition is was in before we started on it. You can see how rotten the floor was. And the hole in the back where something chewed through it. And even a bit of where the roof was pulling back and leaking, speeding up the rotting of the floor.

Below is what the floor looks like now. Still all original boards and still some holes, but plenty solid enough to walk on and store things on. The extra boards to fix up the floor, and to patch the hole in the rear wall all came from dismantling the toilet seat inside.

Above you can see the rubber that was added to the roof making it water tight once again and below is the lovely weathered outside of the boards. I really like all the moss growing on the sides.

Here it's all settled in and just waiting for the tarp to arrive that will hang in the doorway to hide and protect everything. I never thought I would be so excited about an old outhouse, but I really like this little shed! It's just perfect for my little homestead here.

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