Saturday, December 9, 2017

Chimney Cleaning and a Hole in my Kitchen!

A beautiful scene under the full moon a couple nights ago. I love that I live somewhere you can still see stars even with a moon bright enough to be able to read by outside. 

But with the cold, comes some winter chores. Like maintaining a clean and safe chimney on my little wood stove.

And another review, this time of my oven/range. Which I love, with one big caveat, the electrical power use of an appliance that is supposed to be propane powered.

After posting that video, one of my amazing followers offered to buy my current stove. And being semi local, he drove over and picked it up, giving me the cash to purchase basically the same stove, but with a different oven ignition. 

It's in the mail, but for a few days, I have a hole in my kitchen and am cooking on the wood stove. I'm excited to get the new one installed and I've been wanting to switch out my first one since about the first week after moving in here!

Enjoy your winter evenings whatever the weather in your area!


  1. I'd never buy another stove that uses electric. My wife didn't tell me that our "gas" range had an electric oven, or we would have looked in Amish country.

  2. Wow! Congrats! Hope it all goes smoothly for you from here on out (the delivery process, the installation, the first meal on the new stove, etc) :-) - Raven

  3. I remember watching your appliance tour video. Just recently I finished watching the YouTube videos on cooking a turkey and apple crisp when I noticed you using the digital timer on your propane oven. I have to tell you that threw me for a loop. I was going to ask you what the timer was all about, but decided to check here first. Getting a new oven is exciting. Have you received your new oven yet? Do you expect any effect with your solar power lasting a bit longer?

  4. Just an observation: you never mention any brands or models, which would be a big help for those of us trying to do something similar. That said, thanks for taking the time to make the video.