Friday, December 8, 2017

Cures for Winter Blues and Chills

Finally a little of that white stuff showed back up. But it didn't last long. Still it's wintery enough temps to make it time for some indoor projects.

Like growing some fresh greens!

I love sprouts, but don't grow them in the summer just because I have so many other greens coming out of the garden. All winter though, I keep these guys going.

And the time of year when I keep this mix handy.

In one of the few remaining open water spots, quite a few of these beautiful birds gathered. I love watching Trumpeter Swans.

And one morning, getting up early yielded a few minutes of stunning light over the mountains just before the sun rose. 


  1. Wow, that is a gorgeous photo of the mountains! I used to live in a more northern climate, and while I miss how beautiful it looks when it snows the first time, I don't miss that cold at all!

  2. Thanks for sharing. We have been following your Youtube channel and enjoying it very much.
    We appreciate you rescuing Grizzly... we rescued a 12yr old Beagle last year. (Beagle Baylee)
    Stay safe and keep producing content.

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