Thursday, February 9, 2017

Winter Mayhem

It's crazy around here! Over 400 inches of snow this winter and now rain for two days and nights. (It's still snowing in the mountains.) Most major roads are avalanched closed, power is out to thousands of people, several roofs have caved in, schools are having a second snow day this year after more than twenty years with out one, and even in this town that is normally prepared for huge winters, it's pretty much chaos.
Zack, one of my younger brothers and a first cousin, John, are here for a weeks visit. They planned to snowboard a huge mountain during an epic winter. Instead everything is closed and the resort is without power and shut down. Extreme avalanche danger makes any kind of back country travel unwise.  So instead, we are all hanging out, talking, relaxing, watching movies, and they have been helping me shovel snow. They're an amazing work crew!

Here's a quick video update from my house today.

Enjoying dinner together with my neighbor.

A full pan of apple coffee cake doesn't last long with this crew!

Neither do bacon wrapped pepper stuffed dates.

Or elk spaghetti.

All you can see of my house when you pull in the drive now!

Relaxing on the extended couch.

The slush on the roads is ten inches deep in some places! Making driving nearly impossible. And almost all the snow clearing equipment in the county seems to be broken down after running non stop all winter already.

My neighbor working night and day to keep several houses open including mine. For which I am super thankful! We are all safe and sound and there is plenty of food in the house for weeks. So don't worry about us, and stay safe with whatever forms of weather you are having!

Saturday, February 4, 2017

January Wildlife

Some more of the amazing critters I get to see around my house! These area a few of my favorite shots from the past month. Most of them are from very close to my house, but all from the general area. 

While most of my time this winter has been spent working either at the restaurant or shoveling snow for myself or others, I've still had a few minutes here and there to grab my camera.

I hope you are all enjoying whatever critters you have around in the winter.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

A "Lived In" Tiny House Tour

Because people ask what a tiny house that someone actually lives in looks like? Most photos you see, understandable, look totally perfect and as if there is no one who actually lives, breathes, and does things in the house.

So here's an updated tour of my house when I got home from work a few days ago. The last full house tour I did was only weeks after I moved in, so a few things have changed since then. Enjoy!

And a few more interior photo that are recent.

The living/dinning/etc. room at dusk. See how high the snow banks that you can see through the windows are! And remember that from inside, my floor is already several feet off the ground level outside.

Kitchen. The one area I am finished painting. I'm really happy with it.

And one shot with my custom handmade kamiks that have been keeping my feet more comfortable than they've ever been in my life! I wear them while outside shoveling show, photographing, or anything else, and my feet are never cold now, yet they are not hot and sweaty when I'm inside either. Thanks to Northern Heart Designs! I kind of just want to wear them all the time. For everything.

My tiny bathroom.

And one more shot of what you can still see of my house over the snow banks. Another nearly 40 inches in the forecast over the next few days. It might be July before we get spring this year!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Snow Shoveling

Just for fun! My friend was able to swing by and snap some photos of my shoveling. Something that is pretty hard to photograph by myself. So here you go. Again, this may give you a sense of scale on just how deep the snow is around my house. Nothing new has fallen for a few days, and it's been clear and crisp. -20's F. every night and right around zero for a high kind of crisp. The break is nice to be able to catch up on cleaning up from the last several storms though!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Can You Live In a Tiny House in a Cold Climate?

Can you? Why yes! And I do. This is my third winter in my tiny house and the snowiest of the three so far. I enjoy this lifestyle, but it does come with some of it's own unique challenges. In the following video, I talk about some of the things you may want to think about or be aware of even before building if you are planning for life in a cold climate.

In these shots you can see just how deep the snow is around my house this year. More winter photos can be had in this post among others.

My amazing neighbor making sure I can get from where I shovel out to the main road.

It's almost level with the eves now! And we've had a lot of temps in the -20's to -30's F. range. So, I'm just saying, three winters in, I have some real winter experience in my tiny by now. 

Above and below you can see the condensation I used to get before my wood stove. A frozen and a thawed version. Thankfully, the dry heat from the wood has totally resolved this issue for me. See this post for how bad it used to be.

Gathering and splitting firewood for my winter supply.

And filling up my pallet wood shed above that is now well snowed in as you can below. Being comfortable in the winter does require some planning, preparing, and work ahead of time. 

And here's my tiny wood stove that has kept my house so warm and cozy. For a lot more info on this stove, see my posts on my latest update and tips, cleaning and lighting, initial review, first fire, and first look.

And looking down on my house from my path up the hill to the solar panels. Enjoy your winter climates of whatever sort you have. Let me know if you all have further questions!